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Agiled — A Comprehensive, Easy-To-Use Business Solution Designed For Everyone

For me, the first test of any new software before purchasing is the ease of use. I do not read any documentation in the beginning. The software should be so intuitive that I don’t need to read the manual, or the interactive help is context-sensitive when I do need it.

I took Agiled for a test drive on one night. I checked out all areas after the initial onboarding Q&A. In less than 30 minutes, I had my company information, logo, invoices, estimates, and credit memos configured and ready to go!

In the first hour, I was able to:

-Add a client

-Create my first Estimate and Invoice as well as sending a test of them via email.

-Configure my payment gateway

-Create a test project

-Create a few tasks (Kanban board feature is excellent!)

-Review all other areas of the system.

-Add integrations with Zapier, HubSpot, Continually, Integromat and SendFox

I never had to go to the documentation one time. It was easy to configure!

Other areas that I checked out will take a bit more time to test and configure, but I was able to work with them to see how they functioned. These included:

Contracts — this took a bit of figuring out, but I created a test. The contracts are professional looking and give the client the ability to view online via the Client Portal, download the agreement, or digitally sign it. The editor is full-featured and may take you some time to learn. I haven’t found a way to have the agreement header use the same branding as the other documents in the system (invoice, estimate, etc.).

Proposals — The proposal builder is quite flexible from what I can see. It will take some time to get the proposal just as I want it to look. Proposals can also be viewed by the client online, downloaded, and digitally approved. I have seen another digital proposal service charging $50 or more per month. Having this in Agiled is fantastic and a cost saver.

Other features that are excellent useful additions include:

-Custom Domains for white labeling and branding

-Email Templates — A HUGE time saver!

-Products / Services — clients can purchase produces and services directly from the client portal!


-Forms — You can create any form you like in the forms builder. These forms can be publically accessible so that your clients or others can access them.

Other features that I am currently not using, but I did test them include:



-Timers (It is helpful to time all activities related to a project or client to compare actual billed time against projected when you bill flat rate or per project.

-Tickets — this is a nice inclusion and has the fields needed to manage and track client questions and issues.

-Chat for team member communication and file sharing

I used to be a QuickBooks user and became increasingly annoyed with the program’s slowness as the database grew larger. Even after paying a few hundred dollars for the program, I still had to use other services for online proposals, CRM, digital payments, Client Portal, contracts, and more. The cost of all of the various pieces, even conservatively, was more than a few hundred dollars a year (not including QuickBooks!) Now with Agiled, I can bring all of this into one system. SWEET!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Comprehensive
  2. Configurable
  3. Flexible
  4. Fast! (Agiled responds quickly between different sections without waiting)
  5. Fun. Yes, fun! I enjoy working in Agiled. Part of that is because I do not have to jump between various apps to do my work.
  6. A responsive and helpful development and customer service team.
  7. Rapid implementation of new items
  8. An exciting roadmap of new features on the way.
  9. A growing list of third-party integrations and automation that will extend the power of Agiled.

As a small business owner, time is not only money; it is scarce. I wanted a system that would not only integrate as many processes but also automate them. I want to focus on my core business as much as possible. With Agiled, I have quickly created a comprehensive environment with minimal user intervention, and when necessary, I can accomplish the tasks quickly.

Agiled was an easy purchase decision.

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